Finding the Items

Use the navigation bar at the top of any page to start looking through our online departments. You can also search our site by entering a keyword into the search bar at the top of the page. Detailed product information is just a click or two away through the item a keyword search.

Adding Items to Your Shopping Cart

When you have found an item you would like to order, simply select all the required options (such as size and color) and click "ADD TO CART".

Visiting Shopping Cart

To visit your Shopping Cart, click the Shopping Cart icon at the top right corner of any page. The quantity of items and total amount will be displayed.

Saving an Item for Later Purchase

If you have an item in your Shopping Cart and would like to purchase during another visit, simply close your browser or click "Continue Shopping" , All your added items will be automatically saved and never be removed unless you instruct us to do so.


Checking Out and Completing Your Order from your Shopping Cart, click the "Check Out" button.

If you have a szyootech.com account, just sign in and visit;It will be automatically fill in the available shipping and billing information to save time during checkout.

If you don't have an account, you could register now or use our services as a guest . Once you have completed your order, you will be informed of the detailed order information and the delivery time of the package you are going to receive.

Proceed through the checkout screens, click or edit the required information for shipping address and shipment methods. The progress indicator will show you how we make and ship the order as well as the overall time. Click "Leave a message" to write any requirements you may have for your placed order, such as shipping requests.

If you would like to proceed with the order payment, then press the "Place Order" button.

In the following page, you will be instructed to look over your order summary and an order number will have been generated for you. The following indicator will let you know Payment Information sections (get help withPayment Methods)

Find the button "Pay" at the last step of your order placement, click it to complete the order.